_________ trash

Nikki Ummel

word bank:    baby    jaw(s)    AK47(s)    suicide    lung    saving(s)    write   

debt(s)   couch    money    yellow(s)    handle(s)    neighborhood    smash     

doctor(s)    free    refuge    alone    trailer(s)    shit(s)    family


    the ___________________ eventually died.

                                        cousin rome gone with mom’s ___________________.

            i can’t ___________ these stories.

                                                            aunt mary’s ___________________ in a jar.

                                                rome requires more ___________________.

    we don’t know how long the baby was ___________________.

                                                rome calls from rehab, demands  ___________________.

                        dad drowns in his own ___________________ water.

                        the ___________________ writes pneumonia.

                        i say ___________________.

                                                                                 _______________ collector calls.

                                                                                 we kids ___________________ the phone.

            i don’t want to ___________________ about this.

                                                                   mom’s ___________________ eyes.

                                                                   her spot on the ___________________

                                                                   completely worn to wood.

                                                                               school for ___________________ food.

                                                                               school for ___________________.

the whole ___________________ knew.

pawned our ___________________ when we moved.