Welcome to Issue 24.1 Online

Gulf Coast Online Editor

Oct 11, 2011

Cy Twombly passed on back in July, and we here at Gulf Coast wanted to honor him in a big way. His presence in our own city of Houston has been substantial over the years, especially in the form of his own gallery as part of the local Menil Collection of art. That's why we decided to feature his art on the cover of our printed journal, while online, Sarah A. Strickley reviews the art that we included in the issue. Also online, we wanted to feature even more of the wonderful art you can find in our latest issue, 24.1. The banners that appear on the front page of our site now feature the fascinating photography of Duncan Ganley, from a series he calls Location Shots. (Hit the "refresh" button on the front page and you'll see a variety of the photos from this collection.) Rachel Cook writes more about him here. In addition to the art, our new online issue features the latest fiction from Michael Czyzniejewski and Brian Van Reet, new poetry by Amaranth Borsuk and Graham Foust, non-fiction from Joe Bonomo and Arianne Zwartjes, reviews by Jesse Donaldson and Lytton Smith, and a fascinating interview with Icelandic poet Sjón by Jason Ranon Uri Rotstein. And if you check out the Table of Contents, you'll find even a bit more. In fact, for an online preview of the print edition, check us out here.
So welcome to the new issue! We hope you'll enjoy reading it at least as much as we've enjoyed putting it together.